Commercial, Educational, Government Sectors – Production & Graphic Design

McLaughlin Research offers customers a variety of products and services within our core capability areas. We are proud to profile the following efforts as representative of the types of quality services we have provided recently to business, educational, and governmental clients.

Graphic Design and Production

Our in-depth, wide-spectrum, innovative graphics design and documentation efforts for the Navy have provided a sound foundation for successfully providing graphics solutions and products for any customer.

Documentation Preparation

McLaughlin Research’s roots in technical documentation can be traced back to our founding in World War II. The tools and media may have changed over the years, but the sound principles of organizing, writing, editing, and quality control are as valid today as they were then. Examples of McLaughlin’s recent efforts in this area include the following:

McLaughlin Research Corporation provides the resources necessary to tailor support of ISO implementation efforts as part of any organization’s project management practices. Our “total spectrum” ISO support encompasses all required documentation, as well as training and internal auditing. We have provided successful support to ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification efforts within the Department of Defense, but our efficient and cost-effective support leading to ISO certification and enhanced business posture is available to any business entity or element.
Provided comprehensive editorial services for the development of the annual report for a major, international research and development corporation. Working with rough technical input, revised and edited 14 separate articles that described various computer-based scientific initiatives.

Digital Imaging and Conversion

McLaughlin Research has extensive experience in the digital imaging and conversion of archival materials for governmental, commercial, and educational clients. We offer a customer-oriented, multi-disciplined approach to solving legacy document conversion problems of any complexity, which may involve any or all of the following considerations:

  • Project Planning
  • Document Preparation
  • Documentation Scanning
  • Database Creation
  • Data Conversion
  • Storage Media Production
  • Data Repository System Design, Integration, and Management
  • Associated Training
  • Classified Scanning


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