McLaughlin Research has provided NUWC Newport with professional, cost-effective engineering, technical, and programmatic support services for Naval Undersea Warfare (USW) research, development, test and evaluation, and operational efforts since the 1970s under more than 75 prime contracts, and continues to provide many of those services today under SeaPort Enhanced task orders.


Programs and initiatives supported by MRC have included the following:

  • Torpedoes and Underwater Vehicles
  • Cruise Missile Systems
  • Weapon and Countermeasure Launch, Handling, and Stowage Systems
  • Sonars and Acoustic Systems, including Towed Array Handling Systems
  • Electromagnetic and Electro-Optical Systems
  • System and Organization Program Management and Business Improvement, including Quality Management System Registrations and Audits.

MRC currently continues to provide high quality support services in Newport in many of our core competency areas, including:

  • Program Management
  • Environmental, Safety, Health, and Operational Security Infrastructure and Regulatory Compliance
  • Logistics
  • Technical Documentation
  • Graphic Design
  • Training and Support

under the following non-SeaPort Enhanced contracts:


MRC provides Environmental Planning, Technical and Administrative support services for the Mission Environmental Planning (MEP) and Environmental Management and Pollution Prevention (EMP2) programs as prime contractor under MRC contract N66604-18-D-0466 (and previously under contracts N66604-09-D-2349, N66604-04-D-0003, and N66604-99-D-0127), including the following: National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) planning and compliance; geospatial data development and management, including geographic information system (GIS) mapping; Navy Acoustic Effects Model (NAEMO); program support for Environmental Review Board; risk mitigation and management program support; research and field activities; training and outreach support.

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