McLaughlin Research Corporation provides comprehensive program/project management and business process improvement services in the following areas:

  • Program analysis, work breakdown structures, progress reporting, master calendar preparation, management/business plan preparation, support for major technical reviews, and risk analysis based on schedule preparation, cost monitoring, and technical status.
  • Financial analysis services, including cost and schedule status reporting, earned-value analysis and reporting, financial and resource requirement projections, and preparation of quarterly, annual, and five-year budgeting documents.
  • Design, development, and maintenance of specialized computer programs, databases, and automated management/financial tools.
  • Participate in and facilitate integrated product teams (IPTs), special advisory boards, off-sites, working groups, audit teams, etc., that deal with program planning issues.
  • Develop and maintain ready-reference libraries of briefings, speeches, video, and presentation materials.
    Manage central repository for Prime contractor contract data requirements listings (CDRLs), which includes managing CDRL review and comment processes.
  • Document and evaluate core business processes to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide opportunities to implement best practices in business process initiatives. With emergence of new technologies, reevaluate current capabilities to detect obsolescence and research/identify opportunities for gains in efficiency through application of upgrades in technology/processes. Specifically, MRC provides the resources necessary to tailor support of ISO implementation efforts as part of any organization’s project management practices. MRC’s “total spectrum” ISO support encompasses all required documentation, training, and internal auditing.

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