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Employee Profile | Don McCormack

Donald McCormack

Job title: 
VP, Director of Strategy and Business Development

Date hired: 
October, 2020

Medford, MA

BS in Electrical Engineering

How I came to be an MRC employee: 
When I started in the government in 1985, MRC was the first contractor that I had the opportunity to work with. Their can-do attitude, attention to detail, ethics of the folks I worked with made a lasting impression on me.  When I retired, I started an LLC, but after working in the government to build a team out of the 10 NAVSEA warfare centers for 10 years, I was more about building a team vs. advising one.  Everett Santos (VP & Program Manager of MRC) and I exchanged a couple of “Hi, how are you doing?” LinkedIn messages and he asked if I would come down and speak with Vin (CFO) and Dom (President). I received the same vibe I had when I was a junior engineer. The company was still family-owned and dedicated to its employees and supporting the Navy Mission.

What I like best about working at MRC: 
The people and their dedication to getting the job done with the right folks at the right cost. We are spending my tax dollars…. So, this fits nicely with my values as a cheap Yankee!

How my work contributes to the overall mission of the Navy: 
We provide support to the Navy Labs, who are directly supporting our Navy.  We are an integrated part of the Government/Industry/Academia team, so making sure we have the right folks available to support the team is a key enabler for Navy Success.

Pivotal career moments/experiences:
Rotational assignments in the Program Offices in Washington D.C. allowed me to understand what the program officers needed from the Labs and industry. This allowed me to bridge the technical and programmatic community, and provide options and solutions that were executable by all.

Hobbies/Personal interest:
Family, Family and Family!

Building a workshop to get back into woodworking and freeing up time to sail on my sister and brother-in-law’s sailboat.

Career advice:
-Take the opportunities to do something different when the chance arises, those opportunities may not come around again.

-Seek advice from a lot of folks and then make up your own mind and live with the decisions you make.

-Treat everyone as you want to be treated – you never know who is going to help you in your journey in work or life.