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Employee Profile | Dunick Voltaire

NameDunick Voltaire

Job title
Forms Management Analyst

Date hired
September 2021

Randolph, MA

EducationB.S. in Data Science

How I came to be an MRC employeeA friend had told me about the opening.

What I like best about working at MRCThe family that MRC cultivates and how everyone’s work has an impact, regardless of how small.

How my work contributes to the overall mission of the Navy
I am able to create forms that are then used by different departments to collect data.

Pivotal career moments/experiencesLearning HTML and CSS to be able to create forms to the government standard.

Hobbies/personal interestsGaming and working out

Career adviceTake risks, because you never know what opportunities it can give you, and know when to take a break.