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Employee Profile | Elizabeth Machado


Elizabeth Machado 

Job title: 

Technical Writer, Publications Department

Date hired:

May 19, 2020


Warren, Rhode Island       


Katharine Gibbs School

How I came to be an MRC employee:

I showed an interest to become a word processor and work closer to home.

What I like best about working at MRC:

The environment is comfortable, my supervisors are amazing, and the co-workers make me feel so welcome.

How my work contributes to the overall mission of the Navy: 

Work on technical documentation that has a direct impact on the MK48 heavyweight torpedo engineering program.

Pivotal career moments/experiences: 

I have been privileged to work with important tasks to various law firms and a municipality prior to working for MRC and that has led me to performing in attention to detail when utilizing my skills in my present job. 

Hobbies/Personal interests: 

I enjoy spending time camping with my family and a few friends in the New England area.  I also volunteer at various assisted living facilities in Rhode Island in my spare time.

Career advice: 

Never give up on your dreams.  Everyone here is so understanding of what it is we would like to do to advance in the company.  I am grateful for all of the people who have taught me so well thus far.