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Employee Profile | Naomi Kitowski

NameNaomi Kitowski

Job title
Junior Electrical Engineer

Date hired
August 2020

Poulsbo, WA

EducationB.S. in Electrical Engineering

How I came to be an MRC employeeGrowing up, my older brother was someone who I looked up to. It was from seeing the work he did as a Material Science Engineer that inspired me to go down a career path into engineering. I was drawn to the creativity and innovation that the title encouraged. So I got into Electrical Engineering.  

Fast forward to May 2021. I had freshly graduated with my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, from Washington State University, and was ready to take on work! MRC was one of the first companies that popped up in my google searches offering a position for a Junior Electrical Engineer. My experience was limited at the time, so I was incredibly grateful to be offered a starting point into my field.

Since then, I’ve been happy to work in support of the DoD handling a variety of tasks that have both helped me grow in my career and offered me the opportunity to support our country.

What I like best about working at MRCBeing contracted by MRC to support the Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Keyport has exposed me to a variety of different projects that have enhanced my growth as an engineer. From troubleshooting equipment, to writing code that automates testing, it feels like there is always something new for me to learn!

In addition, the people I work with have been amazing at getting me up to speed with working in a government facility as well as providing support and encouragement.

How my work contributes to the overall mission of the NavyPart of my job working in Code 311 is maintaining and supporting equipment that directly impact our fleet. I’m proud to know that the work I do in developing tests, procedures, and troubleshooting equipment has a direct contribution to our Navy and country. 

Pivotal career moments/experiencesA couple months into working under MRC, one of the primary engineers in charge of developing code for the actuator test sets had relocated out of Washington to be closer to family. A stand in was needed on short notice and I decided that even if my experience in C# programming was limited that I would volunteer to take over the projects he had left behind. 

It was intimidating at first, but I learned a lot from the process and was even able to employ concepts I learned from my Control Systems class (notably PID tuning). Seeing how far I’ve come from knowing only the basics in C# to confidently navigating and successfully troubleshooting my own code has been incredibly rewarding for me.

Hobbies/personal interestsDrawing, baking, video game programming, traveling, and hiking. 

Career adviceTake on projects that interest you! Whether it be an at home project or a project at work, don’t be afraid to take on something new.