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Employee Profile | New Employee Tom Aker

Tom Aker

Job title
IT Technician

Date hired

Portsmouth, RI

Bachelors of Science in Computer Networking and Cyber Security from Champlain College

How I came to be an MRC employee
Through being granted a SENEDIA (Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance) internship at MRC

What I like best about working at MRC
The smaller teams and workplace community as well as the management of IT

How my work contributes to the overall mission of the Navy
I am a part of the frontline of defense to protect Navy CUI.

Pivotal career moments/experiences
Creation and management of a standalone helpdesk for the HR (Human Resources) department

Management of the phone systems

Hobbies/Personal interests
Digital modeling and world creation
Virtual reality
Digital entertainment pursuits

Career advice
If you chose a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field then google will become your best friend.