McLaughlin Research Corporation Capabilities

Implement a Complete Solution with the help of our dedicated Team

Based on each of our customer’s specific needs, we can provide a wide range of services that cover every aspect of operations. For over 70 years, we’ve worked to develop a deep understanding of our customers to provide them with dependable solutions that enable them to thrive, with all of the necessary resources and staff. Regardless of what our customers require, we are committed to giving them the best possible results and optimizing performance. To meet our customers’ requirements, we offer the following:

Our services include

Engineering Services

MRC provides professional engineering services spanning the entire life cycle of systems, equipment and facilities. Our systems, mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental and facilities engineering services range from conceptual studies, through operational support, to disposal and Demilitarization.

Program Management Services

MRC has provided professional Program Management services to our customers for over seventy years. MRC works in partnership with our customers at every life cycle stage of their program to make sure we understand their needs, in order to provide what they need when they need it.

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

MRC can help maintain product lines and serve customers through a variety of life cycle product support services. These services include Reliability, Maintainability, & Availability support, integrated logistics, configuration management, quality assurance, and facility operations support.

Technical Services

Our technical services have helped our customers with maintaining their equipment and systems. Technical services from MRC include troubleshooting and repair of equipment, R&D analysis and test support, certified SUBSAFE craftsman and material handling, and environmental planning.

IT, IA, and Cybersecurity Services

We offer a range of Information Technology, Information Assurance, and Cybersecurity services to help maintain software, computing systems, increase security, and to protect against data loss and breaches. 

Corporate Operations Support

MRC’s customers can also benefit from our wide range of specialized corporate operations support services in the areas of communications, technical writing, graphic design, infrastructure and facilities management, including safety and security.

Get the Services You Need, When You Need Them

Regardless of the types of services you require for your operations and facilities, McLaughlin Research Corporation is capable of providing them with a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs. Our team of certified and experienced professionals includes qualified engineers, technicians, and other staff.

If you have any questions about our services and capabilities, reach out to MRC today.