Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

Integrated Product Support Services to Maintain Operations

MRC provides a full range of support services to help customers sustain their product lines throughout its life cycle. Based on your individual needs, we can apply one or more of these services to provide optimal results.

Our List of Product Life Cycle Management Services Includes

  • Integrated Logistics
  • QA, Auditing and Process improvement
  • Facility Operations
  • Management of design and process documents
  • Product structure (bill of material) management
  • Central data vault (electronic file repository)
  • Part and document classification and metadata ("attribute") management
  • Materials content identification for environmental compliance
  • Product-focused project task assignment
  • Workflow and process management for approving changes
  • Data Export

If you would like to find out more about the Product life cycle management services we provide at MRC, along with other services we offer, get in touch with us today.