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Employee Profile | Alex Karpinski


Alexander (Alex) Karpinski

Job title: 

Systems Engineer (Battery Subject Matter Expert)

Date hired: 



Stonington, CT

(Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY)


M.B.A., Rennsaeler Polytechnic Institute

B.S.M.E., University of Connecticut

How I came to be an MRC employee: 

Navy advocated for technical support and due to my experience on high energy storage systems (i.e., batteries), MRC was a great fit to facilitate that support.

What interested me about MRC for me to join the team: 

MRC has long been the gold standard for support to the U.S. Navy. In my previous work I have also worked with some of the employees who have been part of the NUWC (NUSC) team at one time.

MRC’s reputation with our Customer’s and focus on employees was key.

Hobbies/Personal interest:

Avid football fan (i.e., soccer) and continue to play in the CT Over 40 leagues.

Spending time with my grandkids.

Love to travel and enjoy the menu’s around the world.

I also volunteer on the Board of Education in my town (Vice Chair), board member of the Naval & Maritime Consortium (Treasurer) and provide support to a new battery start-up.

Career advice:

“Life is all about having a Plan B.”