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Employee Profile | Nick Beaulieu


Nick Beaulieu

Job title: 

System Engineer

Date hired: 



South Easton, MA


Master’s Degree, Engineering Management

Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical Engineering

How I came to be an MRC employee: 

I previously worked with several current MRC employees at NUWC Newport in a similar capacity. Discovered the opportunities at MRC through continued conversations and attempts to collaborate.

What interested me about MRC for me to join the team: 

A private company highly focused on work/life balance and ensuring their people are happy is not a common thing in this industry. The work that MRC does and the programs we support through Navy and Industry partnerships are incredibly exciting. The opportunity to be part of this growing team supporting these efforts while being supported as an individual employee was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Hobbies/Personal interest:

Traveling, hiking, camping, cooking and homebrewing. My wife and I recently had our first baby so adjusting tot he new family life has been an incredibly exciting time and spending time with them is without a doubt my greatest personal interest (while also displacing most time for hobbies).

Career advice:

Opportunities are only an advantage if you are willing to take advantage of them.