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Employee Profile | Rachel Kronick


Rachel Kronick

Job title: 

Proposal Writing and Social Media Coordinator

Date hired: 



Longmeadow, MA


Public Relationsand Social Media Advertising, Fitchburg State University.

How I came to be an MRC employee: 

I came to be an MRC employee, after recently graduating in the Public Relations field where I worked closely on proposals for big financial companies. The proposal process and work that goes into it, along with the social media aspect interests me.

What interested me about MRC for me to join the team: 

Working at MRC I have enjoyed to atmosphere along with the colleagues I have met. As well as, knowing the importance of our work we do here.

Hobbies/Personal interest:

My interests include being a big sports fan; Besides that I enjoy figure skating, cooking and soon enough I will master the art of fishing. 

Career advice:

Always welcome feedback and take it as an opportunity to improve your skills. People learn from mistakes and grow to develop their skills.