McLaughlin Research provides NUWC Newport with an in-depth understanding of Naval Undersea Warfare (USW) research, development, test and evaluation, and operational support requirements gained through on-site experience in Newport dating back to the 1970s under more than 75 prime engineering and technical services contracts, including environmental, technical, and administrative support for the Mission Environmental Planning Program, and more than 50 SeaPort Enhanced task orders awarded to date.

Programs and Services

MRC currently provides high quality support services in Newport in all of our core competency areas, including:

  • Engineering and CAD
  • Program and Financial Management
  • Logistics
  • Configuration Management
  • Information Technology and Assurance
  • Industrial and Library Facility Operations
  • Environmental and Safety Compliance and Infrastructure
  • Technical Documentation
  • Graphic Design
  • Training and Support

under the following SeaPort Enhanced task orders:


MRC provides Programmatic and Technical support services to Code 10 and its divisions—Environmental (Code 1023); Safety (Code 1024); Security (Code 105); and Industrial Support (Code 1022)—for enterprise-wide Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, and Operational Security Infrastructure and Regulatory Compliance programs, including ISO 14001 Environmental Management System registration, as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N461 (and previously under contracts N66604-12-D-0495, N66604-04-D-0003, and N66604-99-D-0127), including the following: Environmental, occupational health and safety, operational security, and facility-related program management, compliance planning, and risk assessment; ISO 14001 technical support and engineering field work, site inspections/assessments; pollution prevention, hazardous material management, including hazardous waste, waste water, clean air-related permitting; NAVOSH compliance, and reporting support; safety programs, including explosives safety, personal protective, respiratory protection, weight handling equipment, and lock out/tag out programs, and security site inspections/assessments; facility construction/preconstruction support, including Military Construction (MILCON); Navy Ammunition Logistics Code (NALC) inventory and ordnance information management support services; industrial support; training support; data management; program schedule development/maintenance; multi-media graphics.

MRC provides Administrative and Technical services to Code 10 as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660418F0013, including support in the following areas: data gathering and analysis; technical writing; preparation of graphic material; data entry; database maintenance and administration; and software maintenance. Additionally, MRC provides administrative research, analysis, and support services and recommendations to the Government in the area of Human Resources, including researching solutions; maintaining, reviewing and assessing compliance with governing guidance; and documenting, preparing, organizing and distributing all forms of communication.

MRC provides Business Services Administration support to Code 10 as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660418F0015, including support in the following areas: technical publications, project management, information design, graphics, and photography and imaging. Additionally, MRC provides on-site administrative, research, and customer support services for the Corporate Research and Information Center (CRIC), including the Science and Technology (S&T) Library, Classified Archive, and Controlled Inventory Collection, as well as support and subject matter expertise for Navy Environmental Planner Best Available Science (BAS) research.

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MRC provides engineering and technical support services for Towed Array Handling Systems as a subcontractor to BAE Systems.

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MRC provides engineering and technical support services for Virginia Class Non-Propulsion Electronic System (NPES) Special Projects as a subcontractor to Systems Engineering Associates Corporation.

MRC provides programmatic and technical support services for Combat Control System programs as a subcontractor to Systems Resource Management, Inc.

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MRC provides engineering, technical, and logistics support services for Electromagnetic Warfare systems as a subcontractor to Systems Engineering Associates Corporation.

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MRC provides Technical and Logistics support services for Submarine Weapon and Countermeasure Launcher systems as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660419F3003 (and previously under SP-e task orders N459, and N426 through N429), including, including the following: Engineering, logistic, CM, subject matter expert, software application, and presentation and documentation support for horizontal and vertical submarine weapon and countermeasure launch and handling systems in various stages of operation ranging from concept formulation to system enhancements, upgrades, and modification, including design engineering, ORDALT and SHIPALT kit logistic support, system test and evaluation, Fleet technical support, preparation of technical drawing packages, development of technical manuals.

MRC provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA), Engineering/Configuration Management, Flight Test Program (FTP), and Project and Financial Management Support Services for Platform and Payload Integration Department Programs, including Cruise Missile and Submarine Launch Systems, as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660419F3006 (and previously under SP-e task orders N460, and N443 through N449). Tasking includes the following: ILS Management and Analysis Support, including maintenance planning, supply support analysis and research, technical documentation, training and training development, facilities planning, and PHS&T; ISEA Support, including field services, and CM life cycle support services; and FTP Support. MRC also provides Technical support services for Tomahawk and Encapsulated Harpoon Cruise Missile Systems (previously provided as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N456), including the following: Depot-level repair and intermediate-level servicing of training/test vehicles, tactical and inert vehicle capsules, volumetric shapes, missile simulators, electronic simulators, and related support equipment; conduct engineering studies; implement design changes; design/build prototypes and replicas; technical documentation; field service training and certification. In addition, MRC provides administrative services in support of the Tomahawk Management Information System (TOMIS) as a subcontractor to SAIC.

MRC provides Engineering, Technical, Configuration Management, and Logistics support services for External Launcher Systems, including Surface Vessel Torpedo Tube Mk 32, as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660419F3003 (and previously under SP-e task orders N459, and N426 through N429), including the following: Engineering analysis, design/design review, ILS, CM, and engineering/technical documentation services, including engineering analyses, design studies, failure analyses/investigations, and reviews of proposed/existing systems; warehouse/staging facility operation; fabrication of prototype ORDALT kits; ORDALT installation; development of ILS plans; configuration status accounting of ORDALTs; preparation, review, and updating of technical manuals, test plans, engineering drawings, and ORDALT instructions.

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MRC provides Production Engineering, Quality Assurance/Reliability, Configuration Management, and Acquisition Logistics support services for Code 85 Assigned Projects and Programs and Code 40 Related Tasks as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660418F3007 (and previously under SP-e task order N453, and preceding contracts N66604-04-D-0415, N66604-99-D-0252, N66604-94-D-A116, N66604-91-D-4290, N66604-89-D-0039, and N66604 86-D-0013), including the following: Production engineering, CM, and reliability/QA services for the full life cycle support of Heavyweight and Lightweight Torpedo Programs and related launcher system components, including serving as worldwide CM Manager for all Heavyweight and Lightweight Torpedo systems and support equipment; systems analysis and specification development; engineering change development/documentation; engineering drawing development/maintenance; operation of the Torpedo Life Cycle Support Facility Documentation Library, QA planning, inspection and deficiency investigation, and documentation, including test plans; safety assurance; acquisition logistics analysis/planning; presentation support, including graphics and websites.

MRC provides Engineering and Technical support services for Torpedoes, Unmanned Systems, and Defensive Systems as prime contractor under MRC SP-e task order N6660419F3002, which consolidated tasking previously performed by MRC under the following SP-e task orders: N455 (and preceding task orders N402 through N407, and contracts N66604-01-D-0136, N66604-01-D-1081, N66604-95-D-A279, and N66604-93-D-A742); N457 (and preceding task orders N402 through N407, and contracts N66604-04-D-0415, N66604-99-D-0252, N66604-94-D-A116, N66604-91-D-4290, N66604-89-D-0039, and N66604 86-D-0013); and N458 (and preceding task order N423, and contracts N66604-01-D-0852, N66604-96-D-B536, and N66604-91-D-4682). Services provided include engineering, technical, and administrative support in the following areas: Weapon Engineering Development and Upgrades; Fleet Evaluation and Fleet Introduction Plans; Reliability and Maintainability Investigations and Improvement; Torpedo In-Water and Simulation Test Data Analysis and On-Site Test Support in the Weapons Analysis Facility (WAF); Training; Logistics Support; Security and Information Technology; Maintenance, Development, and Fabrication of Torpedo Shapes; and Program and Administrative Support.

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